Nespresso and DIMA SAL officially opened their latest Boutique in ABC Verdun with the announcement of Nespresso Recycling Program launch in Lebanon.

October 9, 2017
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Nespresso and DIMA SAL officially opened their latest Boutique in ABC Verdun with the announcement of Nespresso Recycling Program launch in Lebanon.

Reaffirming Nespresso’s leadership position in in-home premium portioned coffee; the industry pioneer and DIMA SAL renew their commitment to Lebanese coffee aficionados and bring the Nespresso boutique experience to ABC Verdun.


Nespresso Boutique network is now comprised of three points located across Lebanon’s capital city in which coffee lovers can now enjoy the unique boutique experience.

DIMA SAL owner and director, Jean Zoghzoghi, said: “We have been serving Nespresso Club Members in Lebanon for 18 years now and we are happy to expand closer to Club Members here in Verdun. We are also proud to be able to provide a now essential service such as recycling in Lebanon.”


The opening event took place on October 4th, 2017, and was the occasion to officially launch Nespresso capsule Recycling Program, as part of the brand’s Sustainability commitments, which focus on sustainable coffee sourcing, aluminium responsible management and reduced carbon in-setting.


Sergey Makarin – Business Executive Officer at Nespresso MEA stated “Since the opening of the market in 2000, Nespresso has always been committed to expanding our business and reach out to more coffee lovers. With this new Nespresso Boutique in ABC Verdun, we are complimenting our existing Boutiques in ABC Achrafieh and in ABC Dbayeh, making us more accessible to our Club Members. It is also great to see the commitment to a sustainable business in Lebanon by launching the recycling service in the market.”

DIMA SAL, Nespresso exclusive distributor in Lebanon, has teamed up with Zero Waste Act for the recycling initiative. The venture, rolled out by Contra International, aims to help companies develop a responsible waste management program. Under Nespresso Recycling program, Zero Waste Act will process the used capsules and transfer the aluminium for recycling while coffee grounds are used for compost production. Contra International Managing Director Bassel Baaklini said: “As an industry leader, we commit our knowledge and experience to stewardship of the environment, tackling issues such as resource conservation, recycling & waste diversion, and safe collection & disposal of waste. Our priority is to provide environmentally responsible and economically sustainable outcomes for our clients.”




Nespresso uses aluminium for capsules because it is the best material to protect the quality of coffee. It is also infinitely recyclable – indeed, 75% of aluminum ever produced is still in use. Nespresso Lebanon has built a recycling scheme that offers Club Members simple options for recycling their capsules.


In LEBANON, Nespresso Club Members can recycle their capsules in two ways: either by dropping them in any Nespresso boutique (ABC Achrafieh Level 0, ABC Dbayeh Level 3 and ABC Verdun Level 2), or they can choose to have them collected from their doorstep when they place a new order with our Nespresso Club at-home delivery service by calling (+961) 5 953 700. Recyclable dedicated bags are available for that end across all Nespresso coffee ordering channels.





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