April 14, 2017
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It’s time to go further than ever before, even if it means breaking the rules. 1 Million and Lady Million obey nobody but their fantasies. After robberies and escapes, our golden gangsters have just one thing on their minds – playing a game of chance to win a life as extravagant as they are.

Their new playground is international king of board games, Monopoly. In this extraordinary collaboration, flamboyant duo meets cult game with more than a billion players worldwide. The event leaves nothing to chance because success – so they say – breeds success. Each inspires its share of fantasies and here the two worlds meet to bring the fantasy to life… With boards designed for the occasion along with collectors’ edition bottles. Sparks are sure to fly. With obstacles of every description, astonishing suspense and delicious adrenaline rushes, the experience is irresistible for our thrill-seeking partners in crime. Strategic thinkers, they risk it all to take over the most sought-after places on the planet. Self-assured. A private mansion on Sunset Boulevard? Seductive. Gambling it all on the Caviar Company without ending up in jail? Absolute madness! The dice have been rolled. Let the gold rush begin!


1 Million and Lady Million Monopoly: the big game

Fortune favours the brave so the famous gold bar and insolent diamond are back in collectors’ editions. The coveted item is an all-gold engraved metal box to showcase the throwing of the dice. A sparkling wink! For our gentleman Player, the bar chances the simplicity and strength of gold as always, this time banking on the dice of success. He’s a risk-taker and deliberate high-roller. Meanwhile, our golden girl causes a sensation with the chiselled contours and encrusted diamonds of her gold facet. On and on it sparkles, insolently so.



Are you ready to play?

Want to try out the Million Monopoly experience? It’s time for some big thrills. Stores are set to host events showcasing the bottles on huge game boards in flamboyant fashion, giving out real Million Monopoly boards as gifts. And there’s virtual suspense on the Paco Rabanne sites, distributor sites and social media with digital events, mini films, quizzes and collector’s bottles up for grabs!


The fragrances

1 Million Eau de Toilette

Spicy leather with an insolent charm both smooth and fresh. An inimitable ‘amber–blond leather’ signature.


1 Million Privé

Apple–cinnamon, myrrh, tonka bean and vibrant wood. An addictive and insolently powerful Oriental bordering on the forbidden.


Lady Million Eau de Parfum

A fresh and sensual white flower nectar. A honey–patchouli signature in a brush with addiction.


Lady Million Privé

Vanilla–flower, cocoa bean, honey and patchouli. An addictive and indulgent Oriental venturing into hypnotic scent territory.



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