New PRADA Infusion Mandarine

May 23, 2018
1 minute read
New PRADA Infusion Mandarine

Les Infusions de Prada embody the poetic paradoxes of the Prada universe. Through their delicate scents, they enact vibrant dualities: modern heritage, intellectual instinct, subtle power, rational sensuality. The infusion process is a contradiction in itself, provocatively toying with truth and fiction. The scents are a constructed reality, a subjective retelling of an imagined memory.


An infusion is a transformative encounter from which the unexpected emerges: a sensory déjà vu. Each original fragrance begins with the same base, but is transformed by a core ingredient. Like an aquatint, the constitution is deceptively simple, masking a complexity that amounts to a fundamentally unique experience almost inextricably entwined with the essence of the individual. Resisting masculine and feminine stereotypes and looking beyond current perfume trends, Les Infusions de Prada are the culmination of a reverence for the past, an understanding of our place in the present, and the forward-looking point of view of Prada.



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