NIVEA introduces Skin Delight, the first Oil in Body Milk Moisturizer for a Soft and Radiant Skin All Day Long

February 28, 2017
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NIVEA introduces Skin Delight, the first Oil in Body Milk Moisturizer for a Soft and Radiant Skin All Day Long

With more than 100 years of skincare expertise, NIVEA introduces the first oil in body milk moisturizer, Skin Delight which not only soothes away dry skin but also deeply nourishes and locks in moisture to preserve the skin’s softness and radiance all day long.

Studies show that 85% of women use a body lotion to indulge themselves and unwind from the stress of daily life, as tensions melt away while we give ourselves a gentle, pampering gesture. NIVEA Skin Delight caring treatment, infused with delicate scents of rose and lavender, offers women a divine experience as it delights all their senses and gives them a radiant glowing skin.


According to NIVEA skincare experts, to deeply nourish and moisturize, you need ingredients that boost the skin’s natural moisture and enhance its moisture-lock in capacity. The non-sticky innovative formula of Skin delight combines new natural mositurining ingredients of milk and oil with rose or lavender scents. Milk, a favored body care ingredient of women in the region, is an elixir by which to preserve youth and beauty. While rose and levender oils are used for skin care and aroma. All of which gives women irresistibly long-lasting soft skin and a natural healthy glow all day long.

“It’s important to celebrate milestones while we constantly strive to create new innovative products that fulfil all consumers‘ aspirations and needs. NIVEA Skin Delight is ideal for all skin types recommended for use all over the body after showering and before bed, in order to have a visibly glowing radiant skin,” said Eva Manzano, Brand Manager – NIVEA BODY & SUN.

Tensions melt away, while we take off the day in a gentle, pampering gesture. And as we relax, so does our skin.


The NIVEA SKIN DELIGHT is available in Rose and Lavender scents in all leading supermarkets for:

250ml bottle – LL 7800

400ml bottle – LL 11000


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