Novartis Pharma Levant Cluster Wins the Best Employers Middle East 2017 Award

October 6, 2017
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Novartis Pharma Levant Cluster Wins the Best Employers Middle East 2017 Award

Novartis Pharma Levant Cluster has been bestowed for the “Best Employers Middle East 2017” award, an annual award presented by AON Hewitt based on a survey that was run across 375 organizations in the Middle East.

Aon Hewitt first began the Best Employers research in the Middle East in 2009 to provide insights into how organizations can create a real competitive advantage through their people, classify action areas to advance in their journey to high performance and identify a list of Best Employers in the Middle East.


During a ceremony attended by Novartis Pharma Middle East and Levant Cluster Leadership Team, and other winning companies at the Grosvenor House Hotel in Dubai, the CPO Head of Levant Cluster, Mr. Osama Braiwish expressed his pride in winning the title.

In a brief speech, he pointed out that “success or failure of any business is largely dependent on the employees” stressing on the fact that “without positive and creative contribution from the people, organizations cannot progress and flourish”.

He also attributed the company’s success and development to “investing first in human resources and always striving to create an attractive and motivating work environment for its employees.”

“This award is a continuous journey of hard work,” he said, adding that he is “committed to keep the organization engaged in its field and to motivate partners to achieve greater success in order to better serve patients in the Middle East region.

He concluded by expressing his confidence that “by being true to our corporate values in our day to day work, we will continue to lead the way in our industry and to attract develop and retain the best talent in the region.”

The selection of Novartis Pharma Levant Cluster as “Best Employers in Middle East” this year, was based on four factors consistently present in Best Employers which are Employee Engagement, A Compelling Employer Brand, Effective Leadership and A High Performance Culture based on data from the Employee Opinion Survey conducted in the organization.

Novartis Levant Cluster results proved responsiveness in establishing integrity and transparency with their medical partners, patients and employees. Most notably, the organization created a thriving and friendly work environment, helping their talents reveal their best potentials through training, transparent communication and several annual activities and meetings.





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