NUXE introduces Nuxellence® Eye Area

April 25, 2017
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NUXE introduces Nuxellence® Eye Area

Nuxellence® is the most scientific and innovative line in the NUXE product range, featuring a collection of anti-aging skincare products with 10 patents (fr). This month sees the launch of a new innovative product targeting the eyes, Nuxellence® Eye Area.


As Aliza Jabes, CEO and  founder of NUXE Group says, “The mirror of our emotions, a reflection of our life, the eyes are the first area to show our fatigue and age. Helping the skin to conserve an optimum cellular energy (1) is a priority for this fragile area, which can now benefit from the proven performance of Nuxellence®. In this era of instant gratification, we also need to offer immediate results. This promise is upheld with Nuxellence® Eye Area, the high-tech step which enhances the eye area in the blink of an eye.”


Nuxellence® Eye Area guarantees an instant perfecting action thanks to a high-tech applicator that has been specially designed to stimulate the entire eye contour.

The large masaging applicator featured in Nuxellence® Eye Area is very practical and enables just the right amount of product to be desposited onto the skin. Its large, rounded applicator, which has no sharp angles, perfectly conforms to the curves of the eye area. When the zamak metal alloy comes into contact with the skin, you can immediately feel a refreshing and decongesting sensation that brightens the eye area.

The launch of Nuxellence® Eye Area is the result of a simple yet important discovery: with time, the mitochondrial DNA changes and cellular energy production diminishes. This is particularly the case around the eye area, an area where the skin is thinner and therefore less resistant to external aggressions. NUXE Research has therefore perfected a synergy of actives combining 3 flowers (Passionflower, Anchusa and Poppy) which acts deep down in the skin cells to help the skin maintain optimum energy levels(2).


Its formula combines Hyaluronic Acid and an Active Plant-based Complex for sculpting the eye area,  which act on the skin as mentioned below:


  • Natural hyaluronic acid holds water in the skin to moisturize and restore its plumpness, thanks to its exceptional water-retention properties. Wrinkles and fine lines are reduced.


  • The Active Plant-based Complex for the Eye Area combats the loss of tone and reduces dark circles and bags.



Moreover, Nuxellence® Eye Area immediately reveals its efficacy thanks to its innovative “blur” texture which instantly smooths and illuminates the eye area. This intelligent product contains light-reflecting golden pearly particles, resurfacing powders and “soft focus” silicon spheres to blur uneven areas and light up dark areas. Its pigments provide a subtle apricot tint, which is suitable for all complexions and envelopes skin in a perfecting halo. This veil with a powder finish constitutes an excellent make-up base.


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