OPPO Launches F3, the latest ‘Group Selfie’ Expert with Dual Front Selfie Camera

May 4, 2017
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OPPO Launches F3, the latest ‘Group Selfie’ Expert with Dual Front Selfie Camera

OPPO is launching the F3, the latest model to drive the next wave of the selfie revolution. The F3 packs a dual front-facing selfie camera – a high-resolution 16MP camera for standard selfies, paired with a wide-angle camera with a field-of-view that is 2 times larger than the standard selfie camera for group selfies. The F3 also has the Beautify 4.0 pre-installed, packed into a sleek metal body design with a 5.5 inch FHD In-Cell screen, giving one of the most vivid and colorful displays in the market. Priced at 1,199 AED. The F3 will be sold on May 12th in the United Arab Emirates and May 13th in India, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines and Myanmar.


“Selfies and group selfies have now become a social norm for our consumers. The F3 will let consumers enjoy a hassle-free group selfie experience and further reinforce OPPO’s leading position in camera phone innovation in the industry,” said Sky Li, OPPO Vice President and Managing Director of International Mobile Business.


Selfies and group selfies reflect how people, especially the younger generation, are socializing and sharing their lives on social media. In fact, in a Nielsen survey done in India, about nine out of ten selfies[1] are taken in the form of group selfies. The group selfie and distortion-minimizing features introduced in the earlier F3 Plus model have made it a popular hit among the consumers across Southeast Asia and South Asia.  The F3, the latest model of the Selfie Expert series to join the family, will inherit these key features and allow users to capture group selfies with an enlarged field-of-view.


All Happiness In a Frame

Say goodbye to the days of struggling to fit all members of a big family into a selfie shot at a family gathering, accidentally cropping out or leaving out team members after winning a football match, or cropping out the background of a great tourist attraction on a memorable trip.


Forget the days when you needed to have the selfie stick to capture the best photo angles for selfies and group selfies. With OPPO F3’s 2x field-of -view, no one is left out to enjoy the group selfie fun.



All Resources In a Phone


Beautiful Design for “Selfie-Holics”


To enhance the sleekness without compromising the amazing sense of grip, the F3 is built with an exclusive U-rail Spray technology, which allows the body frame width to go as slim as 2.0mm and 27% thinner than the F1s.


The aluminum body has gone through 220 fine zirconium sandblasting treatments to achieve the delicate, simple, glossy yet natural texture and aura. Consumers will find themselves filled with awe by F3’s exquisite sleekness and craftsmanship.


Enhanced In-Cell Screen for Bright Environments

The 5.5-inch, 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass 5 In-Cell screen features a pre-applied protective screen coating, with an upgraded screen visibility.



Many consumers have found themselves in frustrating situations where it is difficult to view the screen under strong daylight, due to the sun’s reflection on the glass surface.  Having been tested in various indoors and outdoors settings with algorithms optimization and movement adjustments, the FHD In-Cell screen is enhanced for sharper screen contrast with vivid colors. Great details of a high quality selfie are crystal clear on this screen, and can be viewed in bright daylight and the sunny outdoors.




Lightning-Fast Touch Access

The F3 is packed with features that will fulfill your everyday mobile-first usage. F3’s Lightning-Fast Touch Access is undoubtedly one of the quickest in the market. The home-button fingerprint reader in the F3 unlocks the phone in a mere 0.2 seconds.




[1]  Based on an online research conducted by Nielsen in 10 cities – Delhi, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin and Kolkata in February 2017. 1001 consumers who purchased a smartphone after 2014 and took selfies at least once a week were surveyed.


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