OPPO Launches the F5, A Selfie Expert with Groundbreaking A.I. Beauty Recognition Technology

November 11, 2017
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OPPO Launches the F5, A Selfie Expert with Groundbreaking A.I. Beauty Recognition Technology

OPPO today unveiled the F5, the first OPPO full-screen device featuring the groundbreaking A.I. Beauty Recognition technology designed to personalize and enhance a selfie image, taking it to a whole new level of quality. Priced at only AED 1199, the F5 is launched today in the UAE. Two other models will also be available later; the F5 6GB edition and the F5 Youth, to give OPPO fans more choices to suit their needs.

The F5 was unveiled in India?Russia and the Southeast Asian markets of Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam on November 2 nd 2017. Take Selfies Like the Professionals OPPO’s A.I. Beauty Recognition technology gathers information and learns the specific facial features of different people from its global image database of human faces. Professional photographers and make-up artists were consulted during the R&D process, resulting in the A.I. technology which makes selfies look so much more attractive. “The A.I. Beauty Recognition technology is simply emulating the abilities of a professional photographer, who would bring years and years of technical skills and experience when taking a portrait. An F5 user thus gains that similar ability to capture selfies that are of the highest quality.

The personalization is also important, because the blanket or onestyle-for-all problem with today’s beautification software is also solved. For example, enhancements will not be soft or feminine for male subjects. Children or babies will not receive enhancements that make them look like adults.” the Vice President of OPPO International Mobile Business Sky said. Specs The F5 features a 20MP front camera with an F2.0 aperture and a 16MB rear camera with F1.8 aperture. Compared with competitors in the same price range, the F5 has a higher resolution (2160×1080) and better photo quality, capable of delivering Bokeh effects and resolving any over-exposure issues thanks to front HDR. The F5 will be OPPO’s first 6.0-inch full-screen FHD+ display device, giving the user a vivid visual enjoyment without increasing the size of the phone. It features a high-resolution 2160 x 1080 screen with 18:9 aspect ratio.


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