Platinum Records releases debut single and music video of Arab Idol 2017 winner Yacoub Shaheen

October 18, 2017
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Platinum Records releases debut single and music video of Arab Idol 2017 winner Yacoub Shaheen

Platinum Records is excited to announce the launch of the debut single and music video by Yacoub Shaheen, the immensely popular 23-year-old Palestinian singer and performer who burst on the scene as the winner of the 2017 edition of Arab Idol.

Titled ‘Shu el Fekra,’ the single rides on Shaheen’s vocal strengths and is conceptualized as a romantic song that will appeal to a cross-section of audiences in the Arab world.

‘Shu el Fekra’ is written, composed, produced, and arranged by Mahmoud Eid. The song is supported by a music video, which was shot in Lebanon, under the direction of Fadi Haddad, a renowned Lebanese director, and produced and distributed by Platinum Records.


Shaheen’s much-awaited single coincides with his ongoing tour schedule in North America. Following a successful tour in Sweden, he is performing at 13 shows in a span of five weeks covering the United States and Canada. Starting with the Midwest and East Coast, he performed in Chicago, New Jersey, and Detroit, amongst other cities and states, and he is currently performing in the West Coast in cities including San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Orange County. Shaheen will also enthrall the crowds in Canada with two shows lined up in Montreal and Toronto where his tour ends on October 28th, before returning to Palestine for an anticipated show at the prestigious Haifa International Convention Center.


Shaheen is expected to woo a captive audience of Arab origin and a young non-Arab crowd who have interests in Middle Eastern music and culture.


‘Shu el Fekra’ can be viewed on Platinum Records’ YouTube channel here: https://youtu.be/xMLTxTA_AAI.



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