Playful Pursuits to Captivate Children at Mother of the Nation Festival’s Happiness Zone

March 19, 2017
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Imagination, enjoyment, wonder and the unique perspective of the world experienced by children across the UAE will be the source of inspiration for the 2017 edition of Mother of the Nation Festival’s new Happiness Zone.

Organised by Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority (TCA Abu Dhabi) and opening on Abu Dhabi Corniche from 26th March to 4th April 2017, the second edition of Mother of the Nation Festival will celebrate the progressive vision and contributions of H.H. Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak in inspiring younger generations to express themselves creatively without limitations so that they may continue to learn and grow.

Paying homage to all mothers in their continuous encouragement of creativity in their children, the Happiness Zone will showcase the boundless creativity associated with children with the aim of inspiring visitors to engage with activities that weave together inspiration and heritage through interactive playful installations, activities and artwork.

While a music stage provides continuous performing arts entertainment for visitors of all ages throughout the duration of the festival, new events such as the Bu Tinah Sea Adventure will create a magical adventure of learning and play to capture the imagination of children through a colourful interactive display of shipwrecked Dhows.

Emphasising the importance of maintaining an active mind, visitors will be encouraged to find repose in shared spaces surrounded by exhibitions of creative inspiration reflecting the innate ingenuity found in younger generations.


Featuring mesmerising oversized and multi-coloured illuminated flowers, this garden of wonders will excite the imagination of visitors as a vivid combination of decorative lights and movement inspired by the coastal winds will bring these towering figures to life. Other oversized vegetation installations made from lightweight and translucent materials will entrance festival-goers as their surfaces glow with a range of vibrant colours which visitors will be able to experience on the enticing jeep tour.


Capturing the exuberance of youth, a wide variety of hands-on activities will engage the minds of younger members of the family with experiences ranging from captivating puppet shows, music singalongs and communal dance mob workshops. Mysterious displays of magic and astounding works of sand art will inspire budding performers and artists, while bubble wands will provide endless entertainment in the area. The excitement intensifies with live graffiti creations and storytelling sessions to the opportunity to soar in giant pearl zorbs in the specially created water lagoon, there will be a limitless range of activations on offer.


Encouraging sustainability and instilling values of conservation in younger generations, Grow Your Own will encourage visitors to grow their own vegetables in an activity that imparts the importance of becoming self-reliant. Children will be taught how to grow their own vegetables, learn the importance of nutrition and understand where food is grown, while working in teams that will continuously inspire a spirit of collaboration.


Courage Mountain will offer a range of pulse-pounding activities and physical challenges that are designed to inspire self-confidence and a sense of achievement in all partakers. Standing tall as a monument to the courage held by all potential challengers, brave-hearted individuals will be invited to jump from great heights, scale the heights of a climbing wall and slide at speeds through colourful surroundings, and dare to experience the rush of adrenaline and sheer exhilaration down a 35-metre-long zip line that shoots from the top of a 12-metre-tall tower down to a ground level landing pad.


Nestled on the peaceful shoreline of Abu Dhabi Corniche, Tranquil Park will provide visitors with a refuge for reflection and contemplation in a restful atmosphere surrounded by trees abundant with books instead of leaves. Festival-goers will be able to select books from the hanging branches, find a quiet spot and read local stories or join the ambient storytelling corner. Surrounded by iridescent lighting and musical swings, the shade of the trees will provide a homely respite from the festival’s lively activities.


A tribute to and celebration of performing talent in the UAE, the Happiness Stage will provide a platform of ongoing entertainment across a spectrum of performing arts including art, dance, skill and music. Participating acts will include local traditional performers who will be presenting special shows tailored to the very same themes that inspire the festival itself.


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