Ramadan Tips From The Experts At Clinique La Prairie Spa

June 1, 2018
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Ramadan Tips From The Experts At Clinique La Prairie Spa

With Ramadan approaching soon, it is imperative to be prepared to face the month, both physically and emotionally. Let’s be honest, fasting is not easy! But fasting and feasting equals a bad combination, so it is important to take good care of your body and mind.

A stay at Clinique La Prairie Spa is the ideal remedy to ensure your body is in the best shape to begin the month of fasting but in the interim, a few healthy guidelines from the medical expert at Clinique La Prairie Spa, Dr. Lopez (Medical Director) will make the process much easier:

Protect your skin

With the month of Ramadan, comes the harsh temperatures and not having water during the day can cause your skin to damage. Protect your skin by using their a very hydrating cream to keep your skin looking supple and feeling fresh.


Detox with tea

Clinique La Prairie recommends you drink a herbal green tea after your heavy meal and before your suhoor meal every morning, to keep your body hydrated and purified in a healthy and natural way, eliminate excess fluid and awaken your metabolism. When taken everyday throughout the year, green tea can also slow down ageing and give your body new found energy, along with reducing the feeling of hunger.

Vitamin rich diet

Have a balanced diet rich in protein and vitamin. Your meal should include vegetables, fruits rich in vitamins (orange/kiwi/lemon) with carrots (vitamin A) and cereals which are a source of Vitamin B.

Recommended exercise 

Do not participate in strenuous activities, but stick to aqua gym, swimming, pilates and yoga which will work on the elasticity of your body.


Say no to spices

There is a tendency to ingest excessive spices at the break of fast such as peppers, zaatar and sugars, all of which increase levels of sugar in blood, leading to possible diabetes and obesity. As spicy food weakens digestive strength, try to opt for mint, infusions of fennel, basil, chamomile and cardamom which are easier to digest.

Sleep cycle
If you manage a good healthy diet with decent physical activity, you will be able to regulate an 8-hour sleep pattern which is imperative as the body is in fasting mode. For a good night’s sleep, use an infusion of verbena, chamomile and hot milk.

Maintenance after Ramadan
Late nights and fasting can have an adverse effect on your skin and energy levels.  After the month of fasting ends, Clinique La Prairie recommends their Rebalancing program, a six night deeply relaxing, holistic retreat to bring balance to your mind, spirit and body. Combining specialized medical support and Ayurvedic medicines, this is the perfect re-energizing escape to return to your life stronger and healthier than ever.

Reset with Master Detox this Eid

A perfect seven-day retreat for your body and mind post the fasting month is Clinique La Prairie’s Master Detox Program™ which will eliminate toxins and stimulate your longevity while you relish the purity of the Swiss mountains, indulging in luxurious peace and utmost relaxation. Clinique La Prairie’s holistic and scientific approach in its Master Detox Program ™ will purify your system, leading you towards a healthier lifestyle and activating your body’s self-healing ability.


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