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March 23, 2018
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REM Beirut officially opened its doors to the public in a friendly gathering among media, influencers, Lebanese designers, industry experts and interior architecture fanatics. REM Beirut, an interior architecture studio and concept store, is a space for Lebanese and international designers to meet and exhibit their pieces to the public.

The event introduced the customers to the new concept which was established by three Lebanese interior architects, Rodrigue Zgheib, Elie Hage and Marie-Claire Mrad (REM).

Entirely appointed in shades of black and white and constructed geometrical techniques, using mirrors and steel, the concept store bends the idea of what an interior architecture boutique can actually be and appeals to customers who want to experience designers’ inspirations behind the designs of their pieces.

Situated in Dbayeh, the store lies in an intersection area between Beirut, Matn, and Mount Lebanon areas, making it easily accessible to all.  Marie-Claire Mrad, interior architect and partner at REM Beirut welcomed attendees saying, “On behalf of the team I thank you all for joining us in making our dream become a reality. The harmony between our designers and craftsmen is the key to deliver successful projects and ensure client’s satisfaction. As the main design hub remains within Beirut, we saw that the capital’s suburbs lack a design scene. So why not have a little extension outside the capital?”

REM diverges into three main practices The Studio: where a dynamic team of professionals handles interior architecture projects from conception to execution. The Studio emphasizes on the Design & Build process. The Concept Store: where product and lifestyle are put upfront, a signature made by local and international designers. The Event Space: where multifunctionality is key. A platform for events and workshops.

For more information, and to see the designs available, you can visit REM Beirut’s offices, in Dbayeh, 955-B bldg., ground floor.


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