ROADSTER DINER Celebrates the Final Chapter of its First Branch Ever, Before Moving to Restos St. Nicolas

December 4, 2017
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ROADSTER DINER Celebrates the Final Chapter of its First Branch Ever, Before Moving to Restos St. Nicolas

In 1998, ROADSTER DINER was first introduced with a fresh concept that resonated with the Lebanese public – a restaurant inspired by all things Americana: Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, colorful milkshakes, and 60s muscle cars. Fast-forward almost 20 years and 18 restaurants later, the diner that had us struck at first bite is now closing the doors of the branch that started it all. With a new identity launched and a massive outlet opening soon in Ashrafieh’s Restos St. Nicolas, RD celebrated the final chapter of its Ashrafieh branch by hosting a goodbye party that lived up to its famous status of an all American diner.


No efforts were spared during ROADSTER DINER Ashrafieh’s theme-filled farewell event, in the presence of influential foodies and lifestyle bloggers, loyal customers, and media personalities. With much success, the night took everyone back to an era that was first brought to life by the diner, when it opened its doors on Beirut’s Charles Malek Avenue 19 years ago. To mark its closing, the restaurant was turned one last time into a space inspired by 60s and 70s American culture – a true diner experience. A big neon sign greeted guests as they walked in, preparing them for a night of nostalgia and old-school fun. Throughout the event, DJ Caline shuffled vinyl after vinyl, spinning a special mix of everyone’s favorite hits from back in the day. As people sang along and moved their feet under the light of the big disco ball, RD waiters passed around signature burger bites and American-inspired milkshakes. Lebanese band Lazzy Lung gave a memorable performance, playing a number of their original songs as well as covers from the repertoires of great artists such as The Beatles and Little Richard, staying true to the vintage theme. Only last year, ROADSTER DINER launched its new identity into the market, making way for an image that is more modern, sleek, and relevant to the world of today. Following the closure of the Ashrafieh branch, the latest restaurant has been up and running since November 24, with its interior design following the brand’s updated look and feel.

Mr. Donald Daccache, the brand’s CEO said, “ROADSTER DINER has become Lebanon’s favorite neighborhood diner, spread out all across the country. It remained faithful to its identity and its customers, through impeccable quality and customer care… Today, it’s time to say goodbye to a location that holds an identity that we love and cherish, while welcoming a new branch with a new identity, just a couple of blocks away.”


ROADSTER DINER has become some sort of a time capsule, capturing almost two decades of cravings, laughs, and good memories. Every time a visit would end, we would look forward to the next, whether we lived abroad or just a car ride away. Today marks the final chapter of the Ashrafieh branch. However, today also marks the progress of ROADSTER DINER’s new era: Fresh, Casual, Yours.


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