Rose Extase by Nina Ricci

November 7, 2017
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Rose Extase by Nina Ricci

 Since 2015, Nina Ricci has been extending the journey of L’Extase.

As an intimately close addiction, it is a fragrance that embraces women’s fleshly dreams.


Rose Extase is a fusion-sillage: the troubling shudder of a rose, allied to the skin’s magnetism, the beating heart of two sensualities, at the fusion point of an intimate pathway.

This new Eau de Toilette Sensuelle is a luminous wave, paced by a rose’s vibration, thus drawing out a magnetic journey: a blossoming, a velvety sensuality of the skin, quivering beneath a petal’s breath, staring deeply into the exquisite light.

A blooming, when desire and sensations melt into a huge respiration, a perfect harmony of musics and pictures, of perfumes and emotions.

A ravishing, an incandescent impulse, the acceleration of an intense flowering, leading to utter ecstasy.


Rose Extase: setting the rose alight.





Laetitia Casta draws out a luminous duo with the Maison Nina Ricci. The nakedness of her beauty incarnates Rose Extase. She gives to the fragrance her sensuality, a mingling of daring and candour, her sharply voluptuous grace, inspired by that of roses, her magnetic trace, without artifices, her delightful presence, where the gaze loses itself.





For its creator, the master perfumer Francis Kurkdjian in collaboration with Maïa Lernout,

“Rose Extase is the flowering of a succulent, vibrant rose, heightened by the sensuality of musk.”


Rose Extase conjugates a duo.

This fragrance initiates a bodily contact between a fully blossomed, absolute rose, a ravishing multitude of sumptuously scented petals; with a pulpy, sparkling, barely acidic raspberry and a whirlwind powdered with sensual vanilla musks, wrapped in the infinitely seductive spiral of white woods tinged with amber.


Cheek to cheek, these scents make for an Eau de Toilette Sensuelle, vibrant with desire.





Keeping up the chic, Parisian spirit of Nina Ricci, Rose Extase’s bottle is inspired from a couture clutch, the Maison’s emblematic accessory. Entirely lacquered in pink, perfectly smooth, it evokes plenitude after the shock of ecstasy. In its case, the rose petals become superimposed. Each of them, transparently, forming a perfumed promise.


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