Rove Hotels appeals for safe return of missing Duckie after sad Ducknapping

July 12, 2018
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Rove Hotels appeals for safe return of missing  Duckie after sad Ducknapping

Rove Hotels, hotels for the new of generation of modern travellers who like to explore without borders has been left shaken by news that a valued member of the team, super-sized rubber duck, affectionately known as ‘Duckie’ has disappeared, presumed ‘ducknapped’ from Rove Downtown.

Rovesters are appealing for the safe return of the beloved rubber duck, who disappeared in mysterious circumstances from Rove Downtown at around 16.45 GST on Thursday 5 July 2018.

Duckie is familiar to thousands of Rovers who visit and stay at Rove Hotels across Dubai each year.  A valued member of the team, Duckie has been part of Rove Hotels since April 2016.  He joined as part of the launch team for Rove Downtown and during the last two years has made a splash at each of the Rove Hotels across the UAE. Most recently, Duckie joined the opening team at Rove Dubai Marina which he described as his ‘natural home from home’ before returning to Rove Downtown, prior to his disappearance.

After such devastating events, Rove Hotels is offering a reward for certain information leading to the safe return of Duckie. A hashtag #FindingDuckie, has also been created for residents to be able to submit clues on where they spot Duckie last.

Naveen Advani, Hotel Manager at Rove Hotels said: “Duckie is a valued member of the Rove Hotels team and is adored by Rovers and Rovesters alike.  Duckie always worked hard and never ducked responsibility. His yellow hue and infectious smile are missed by his offspring and siblings.  I sincerely I hope that this appeal encourages people to unite with the ducktectives and help us quack this case. “

Siblings, Dunkin’ Duck and Dora Duck, pool attendants at Rove Downtown added” “Duckie is our inspiration. We flocked to Dubai together in search of new opportunities. We really felt we had our ducks in a row, before his mysterious disappearance. We appeal to whoever is responsible to please return Duckie and reunite our family.”


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