“We Run Together” for the 8th consecutive year BBAC the prime supporter of the Al-Jabal Marathon

April 27, 2018
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“We Run Together” for the 8th consecutive year BBAC the prime supporter of the Al-Jabal Marathon

or the 8th year in a row, BBAC, Bank of Beirut and the Arab Countries, remains the prime supporter of the Al-Jabal Marathon. Held on April 22, under the slogan “We Run Together”, the marathon is jointly organized by the Lebanese Youth Association and the Martial Arts Club and set off from two different areas, Ain Zhalta for the 21km, and Kfar Nabrakh for the rest of the distances, both ending in Bekaata in Chouf district.

BBAC’s dedication to support this yearly event stems from its commitment to the youth, supporting them to go to new lengths and unleashing their potential, seeing that they are the future of this country.

Commenting on this initiative, Mr. Nadim Hamadeh, Assistant General Manager for Banking, said, “The Lebanese people are known for their fondness for sporting events which unite everyone together rather than dividing us. With that in mind, BBAC will continue supporting Al-Jabal Marathon in pursuit of healthy competitiveness, which can shape a better society built on trust, cooperativeness, and cohabitation, under BBAC’s slogan, “Your Caring Bank.”

An award ceremony was held at the finish line, in presence of key social figures, municipality leaders, political figures, heads of participating schools and universities, as well as BBAC’s management and employees who were taking part in the marathon.

Year after year, Al-Jabal marathon committee touches on international standards and takes into account all age groups and genders. Al-Jabal marathon is the largest sporting event in Mount Lebanon, which this year gathered more than 10,000 participants from all Lebanese regions.


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