Saad Yagan transforms human crisis into a dream through “Butterfly”

November 20, 2017
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Saad Yagan transforms human crisis into a dream through “Butterfly”

Between dream and reality, crisis and optimism, Saad Yagan, the leading contemporary Syrian painter, took art lovers into a journey of joy and desires, through his solo exhibition “Butterfly” curated by Samer Kozah Gallery and inaugurated on November 16, at SV Gallery, Saifi Village. The exhibition running from November 16 till 29, 2017, features the artwork of Yagan inspired by men, the first obsession of the artist’s work since the beginning.


All the changing conditions of men, made Yagan go in “Butterfly” from using the different nuances of grey to black; away from the contemporary optimism of the reality and the world. He portrays characters coming desirously out of their crisis, in order to cling to a butterfly; that may be the eternal and simple dream of joy and delight.

The butterfly appears among the tumults of human crises, and it draws a smile on the faces. There arises a secret desire of indirect and unconscious optimism; out of this unexpected and brilliant status. The characters of the paintings create a dialectical relation between the drama and the unruly desires, through a formation that approaches the dramatic expression between the crisis and the butterfly.


On his art, Yagan says, “My art is universal as it portrays human feelings and psychology. Love, jealousy and other human feelings are the same whether you are in Japan, Denmark, Syria or Sudan. From boredom, to depression, to loneliness, I want to reveal what people are thinking. People mix in coffee shops and public places but deep down inside, they have a completely separate psychology and are each on their own.”


He continues by saying, “My main aim is to illustrate oppressed people who are aware of their problems but unwilling to find a solution. I want viewers to receive that message and think whether maybe they can do something. Wherever there is a humanitarian crisis, the message in my paintings applies.”


Born in Aleppo, Syria, Saad Yagan is regarded as a key member in the development of contemporary Syrian art and is one of the most significant modern-expressionist painters in the Middle East. He is widely known for chronicling the modern day experiences of Aleppo residents and their instinctive attachment to centuries-old city.



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