Samsung Electronics Levant & Cherfane, Tawil & Co. Celebrate the Launch of the New QLED TV

June 14, 2017
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Samsung Electronics Levant & Cherfane, Tawil & Co. Celebrate the Launch of the New QLED TV

Samsung Electronics Levant & Cherfane, Tawil & Co. (CTC), introduced the new line-up in Samsung TV innovations the “QLED TV” with Quantum Dot technology during an event held at Regency Palace Hotel, Adma in the presence of Lebanese prominent dealers and media representatives.

Samsung Electronics Levant launched the new QLED TV to highlight this new technology in TV viewing experience. The top priorities focused on in this product are Picture Quality, Style and Smart features.

On this occasion, Mr. Eddy Cherfan, CEO of Cherfane, Tawil & Co. said: “Samsung is always a step ahead in its industry. A few months ago, we witnessed the global launch of the new Galaxy S8 which redefined the world of smartphones and today the company is launching the QLED series to redefine the world of TVs.” “Up to now, the pre-order results are in an exponential growth!” added Mr. Cherfan.


The picture quality turns light into perfect color with the Quantum Dot technology and displays perfect viewing from every angle. When powered off, the style draws the eye as stunning contemporary art, especially when the edgeless frames are displayed on their sculptural stands or No Gap Wall-Mounts.

In addition, Smart features also offer unified, simple user experiences so consumers can more easily access the content they want, when they want it.

In tune with the art and clean lines, Samsung QLED TV’s expertly engineered No Gap Wall-Mount is designed to have a very slim profile. That keeps the room streamlined and contemporary while minimizing the space between the wall and the big-screen Q7F.

This outlines Samsung’s thinking going forward as well as the inventive and intuitive features of their 2017 product lineups – from TVs to audio systems and from seamless installation to multi-device connectivity.

The major features of the new QLED TV are: QColor where all shades of color are brought to life, QContrast including bold contrast, night and day, QHDR 1500, QViewing Angle, invisible connection & No Gap Wall-Mount, boundless 360? Design, one Remote Control and a clean Cable Solution with One Connect.



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