Samsung Empowers Small-Medium Businesses in the Middle East and North Africa with New Digital Platform

July 3, 2018
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Samsung Empowers Small-Medium Businesses in the Middle East and North Africa with New Digital Platform

Samsung Electronics Middle East and North Africa (MENA), officially announced the launch of Samsung Business Suite, a new Business-to-Business (B2B) cloud based platform that is developed to support Small-Medium Businesses (SMBs) in the MENA region by enhancing their digital and mobile capabilities. Samsung Business Suite will provide registered businesses with a set of in-demand business applications such as: E-survey, E-Menu, Geo Reporting and more, which can be customized to their requirements and launched remotely to designated Samsung devices. It will be available for businesses in the region to download starting June 25th from the Samsung website.


“SMBs are a significant contributor to the economic engine in the Middle East and North Africa. As the region marches towards a transformative agenda and economic diversification in building a knowledge based economy, SMBs will serve as the foundation in that transformation. To this effect, SMBs also face the challenge of navigating a competitive business climate with complexities, high cost and lack of infrastructure,” Wahid El Meliani, Head of IT & Mobility Enterprise business at Samsung Electronics Middle East and North Africa. “Today’s launch of Samsung’s Business Suite is aimed at empowering SMBs to realize the digital capabilities and know-how to overcome adversities with a simple and comprehensive plug and play solution.”


Nurturing and Empowering Entrepreneurship.

SMBs represent 56% of the mobile B2B market in MENA according to Samsung mobile market researches, and share common challenges including difficulties in adopting IT mobile solutions and identifying relevant digital tools for their business requirements, increasing cost of apps and solutions in the marketplace, complexities in third party or partner management, and a lack of infrastructure to operate and maintain these solutions.

This is further substantiated in results recorded by Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), which shows that 70% of respondents in the MENA region, who are interested in establishing new businesses, fail to complete the process.


“Samsung’s Business Suite is intended to address this challenge, by supporting SMBs that understand the value of digital and technological innovation, but feel overwhelmed with the choice and clutter of digital solutions in the market that can fulfil their business requirements”, added Meliani.


Mr. Osama Al Ashqar, Head of B2B Unit commented by saying: “At Samsung Electronics Levant, we believe in the significance of knowledge based economy, and the role of technology in pushing innovation to new limits that affect many life aspects, and mainly economy”.


“And stemming from our belief in supporting entrepreneurship in the local community and as expert in the technology field, we strive to offer services that will contribute in finding effective solutions to face the challenges that SMBs have, by enhancing their digital and mobile capabilities, and that is what Samsung Business Suite will provide”, he added.


Web Portal: Customizable, Manageable, and Instant

Through its user friendly portal, Samsung business suite creates an easier than ever opportunity for SMB’s to use and customize ready-made business applications, tailored to their specific needs. The web portal allows SMB’s to maintain their brand recognition by applying their corporate logo, and launching the applications immediately to Samsung devices.

The web portal also enables users to manage the functionalities and features of the customized business applications anywhere, anytime. Given that businesses requires monitoring and performance evaluation, Samsung’s Business Suite features a report extraction function to assess the performance of the business application conveniently.


Business Applications: Intuitive and Ready to Use

The cloud based platform directly interlinks the business applications to the web portal, which can be created and made ready to use on Samsung smartphones and tablets. Samsung Business Suite offers SMBs, six of the most demanded B2B applications, with additional applications and features planned in the future.


  1. Customer Satisfaction: Application that measures customer’s satisfaction in an efficient manner and collects key details such as feedback and contact information that can be used for data management and promotions, which will ensure businesses success.


  1. Customer E-Survey: Application that allows SMBs to build surveys and tailor questions to better understand and serve their customers.


  1. E-Banner/Display: Application that displays SMBs advertisement and promotions digitally on mobile devices, providing digitalized and trendy environment to their customers.


  1. E-Menu/Catalogue: Application for SMBs to build and upgrade menus or catalogues digitally to offer their customers convenience and simplicity, which will help businesses to stand out in a crowd of competitors.


  1. Geo Reporting: Application for SMBs that enable them to be with each work team in different work locations, and always stay informed about teams’ activities.


  1. Sim Lock: Application that locks business devices when an unauthorized SIM Card is used for enhanced security measures, ensuring efficient usage of work devices.


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