Samsung Partners with INJAZ Lebanon to Launch the Samsung-INJAZ School Innovation Initiative

May 11, 2018
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Samsung Partners with INJAZ Lebanon to Launch the  Samsung-INJAZ School Innovation Initiative

Samsung Electronics Levant Co. Ltd. (SELV) and INJAZ Lebanon, a non-profit organization focusing on education and entrepreneurship, have joined forces to launch the Samsung-INJAZ School Innovation Initiative in Lebanon. This ground-breaking partnership aims to empower public school students aged 15-18 and equip them with the right knowledge to succeed in their future careers by developing their entrepreneurial and employability skills for a successful future. Throughout this project, Samsung will also provide a better learning environment at 10 public schools by supporting enhancement work and equipping them with the right tools for a better education.

“Supporting the education and preparedness of Lebanon’s youth to become qualified and successful employees and entrepreneurs in a growing regional and global economy are initiatives Samsung is proud to support,” said Mr. Chungsup Lee, President, Samsung Electronics Levant Co. Ltd. (SELV). “By partnering with INJAZ Lebanon, we are actively engaging the community in our mission to equip young minds with the tools necessary to become the business leaders and entrepreneurs that stimulate their communities.”

The Samsung-INJAZ School Innovation Initiative offered two programs at 10 public schools across Lebanon during the month of April: Be Entrepreneurial and Entrepreneurship Master Class. The Be Entrepreneurial program was delivered to a total of 192 students at Jdeideh Public High School and Riad El Solh Public High School. The Entrepreneurship Master Class reached a total of 200 students at eight public schools across Lebanon including Akkar, Beirut, Bekaa, Chouf, Mount Lebanon, Nabtieth, North Lebanon, and Saida.

The programs are delivered by corporate volunteers with professional experience. INJAZ Lebanon trains the corporate volunteers on each program’s content and material before assigning them to a specific classroom to deliver the program to the students. Over the two semesters these programs will be offered, nearly 1000 Lebanese public school students will benefit from these cutting-edge skill-building opportunities that will help prepare them for meaningful, productive careers.

“For nearly two decades, INJAZ Lebanon has been equipping youth with the skills and mindset they need to become entrepreneurs and sought-after employees,” said Samar Dani, Executive Director at INJAZ Lebanon. “Our partnership with Samsung will help us further invest in our youth, Lebanon’s brightest future and strongest hope for nationwide development and economic growth, contributing to the bright future of our country and region.”

The Samsung-INJAZ School Innovation Initiative will continue during the Fall semester of the upcoming academic year (2018-19), offering two new courses to nearly 600 public school students. In addition to Be Entrepreneurial, Samsung will provide students with programs called Steer Your Career and Job Shadow.

In addition to helping educate our future leaders and workforce, through the partnership with INJAZ Lebanon, Samsung will support enhancement and reconditioning work needed at the premises of the 10 public schools in Beirut. Assessing each schools’ needs and the required work will take place during the upcoming academic year.

Since 2001, INJAZ Lebanon has provided hands-on training programs to more than 60,000 youths, aged 10 to 24 years old across the country, thanks to the generous support of over 2,500 volunteer professionals. By building bridges between educational institutions and the business sector, INJAZ Lebanon is helping prepare youth for the real world by teaching them: to generate wealth and effectively manage it, to create jobs that positively impact their communities, and to apply entrepreneurial thinking to their own endeavors. Youth are able to put these lessons into action and learn the value of contributing to and helping to build their shared communities throughout Lebanon.


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