Samsung’s QLED TV Redefines the Viewing Experience

October 24, 2017
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Samsung’s QLED TV Redefines the Viewing Experience

We live in a digitally dominated world where content is seemingly infinite. In the years since television was created, the technology and content available to us has expanded and evolved immensely; and so too have our standards for viewing. Television is certainly not what it used to be — and for Samsung, this evolution has presented endless opportunities to enhance the viewing experience in ways users never would have imagined or expected.


Samsung’s new QLED TV is equipped with features that redefine how we experience television.  From advanced picture quality and innovative design improvements to smarter, more intuitive features, the QLED TV is raising the bar and reinventing the ultimate viewing experience.


The QLED TV boasts true-to-life picture quality with the ability to produce world-class certified 100 percent color volume. This means that images are brighter, crisper, and more realistic than ever thanks to Samsung’s innovative combination of higher peak luminance levels, expanded color ranges, and bolder image contrast. These improvements together create an ultra-high definition picture characterized by a High Dynamic Range (HDR) display with brighter colors and truer whites and blacks.

The QLED TV also has a beautiful sleek design that offers an ambient viewing experience and allows users to put the TV wherever they want, keeping their lifestyle and viewing needs in mind. The TV features a clean design aesthetic with an even slimmer nearly-there bezel, slim body, clean back, and a no-gap wall mount that situates your TV flush against the wall to perfectly fit into your living room. It has a minimalistic design from every angle; including a nearly-invisible optical cable, so the first thing you see is the TV, not a clutter of devices and wires underneath.


Finally, Samsung’s QLED TV offers a variety of smart features for an even more intuitive viewing experience. Simplifying the experience with One Remote Control, viewers can connect to game consoles, Blu-ray players, and almost any external media device with just one universal remote. Users can also access easy and intuitive control with the latest Samsung Smart View app, which enables them to search content and access essential TV functions from their smartphone through a user-friendly interface. And with Samsung’s Smart Hub portal providing a streamlined viewing experience, discovering diverse content has never been so easy.


Samsung’s QLED TV is the TV that goes beyond TV, with all-new features to provide our most advanced viewing experience yet.


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