Sanofi’s mission expressed in new signature

October 24, 2017
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Sanofi’s mission expressed in new signature

Life is often described as a journey. And health touches everyone along the way. As in life itself, people face ups and downs in their health, and challenges, big or small. These challenges can be lifelong for some people, and momentary for others.

Sanofi’s mission is to support people as a health journey partner. Wherever people live and whenever we can make a difference, Sanofi seeks to protect, enable and support those who face health challenges so they can live life to its full potential. This mission is expressed in Sanofi’s new signature line unveiled today: “Empowering Life.”

“We believe these two words, Empowering Life, capture the essence of who we are and who we serve. Our mission begins and ends with people: those facing health challenges around the world and the thousands of men and women at Sanofi whose purpose is to respond to those challenges.”

Olivier Brandicourt

Sanofi Chief Executive Officer


Sanofi: A Health Journey Partner

Sanofi already makes a positive difference empowering life around the world: From protecting people with our vaccines, to easing pain and suffering with our treatments. Whether it’s supporting the few who live with a rare disease or the millions of people living with chronic conditions, Sanofi is helping people live better and longer lives.

Sanofi will support the launch of its new corporate signature with a global digital campaign in key markets.

For more information on how Sanofi is addressing health challenges around the world, please visit


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