SculpSure provides a non surgical fat reduction solution for men

July 9, 2017
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SculpSure provides a non surgical fat reduction solution for men

SclupSure for men is a revolutionary new procedure that melts unwanted fat in a matter of 25 minutes. It’s ideal for men who are close to their desired shape, but have troublesome fat deposits they can’t get rid of in the gym, or through a nutritious diet. During a lunch break, men can receive this revolutionary procedure that may eradicate up to 2-3 inches of the treatment area. The procedure is FDA approved and it’s preferred over invasive approaches to body contouring like liposuction. Unlike surgical procedures, SculpSure removes fat deposits evenly and leaves the skin smooth and uncut.

SculpSure employs the use of hypothermic lasers to eliminate fat cells by agitating them. Patients report feeling a mild heating sensation as a doctor applies the laser to the target area while patients recline. The laser agitates the fat cells below the skin’s surface causing them to break away from body tissue. The fat cells exit the body through a natural process of detoxification within a few weeks.

Recovery from the procedure is immediate, and has the beneficial side effect of encouraging the growth of collagen and elastin — substances that increase the firm, youthful appearance of skin. Further, SculpSure patients can return to the gym immediately, losing no time in continuing their fitness and body contouring goals.

Sculpsure for men is available in clinics all over the Middle East such as Dr. Simin Medical Center, Dubai, Bella Roma Medical Center, Dubai, Tababa Medical Center, Jeddah KSA, Dr. Ahmad Hashem Center, Jeddah KSA, Dr. Kaldari Clinic, Doha and Dermapro, Beirut.

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