Soothing, refreshing skin with Mint infused “J GLOW” by Joelle Paris

September 7, 2018
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Soothing, refreshing skin with Mint infused “J GLOW” by Joelle Paris

Also termed as a multi-tasking skin miracle offering complete daily skincare routine where the range rinses away impurities, reduce imperfections and gets the skin ready to face the world with a radiant complexion. Made with the most natural, kindest ingredients blended with acne fighting and skin healing extracts that are designed to give skin everything it needs.


  • All Face Wash – Cleanses face to perfection – Designed for normal to oily and blemish prone skin types, All Face Wash targets pore-clogging bacteria and impurities, while treating and preventing breakouts and flare-ups. The soap-free formula brings together the natural goodness of Alpaflor Alp extract, which soothes the skin and controls excess shine, with menthol, which cools and refreshes irritated skin.


  • Facial Toner & Balancer lays the way for healthy skin that shows. A tonic that not only keeps skin clean, but also works that bit harder to refine and tone complexion – all in one refreshing sweep. The dual action toner balances skin’s pH level while removing excess oils and trace impurities, and works gently to reveal a brighter, healthier glow. Made with ingredients like zinc gluconate that reduces shine and unclogs pores; German chamomile that helps rid of redness; and menthol for the cooling and refreshing properties.  The Facial Toner & Balancer is everything you need the skin needs to fight against breakouts and perk up a tired, dull complexion.


  • Facial Balancing Cream is the lightweight, quick absorbing cream that helps soothe irritated, troubled skin without bringing breakouts along with it. The secrets of its fabulousness are vitamins A, C and E, which not only brighten, nourish and condition skin; they also act as a natural umbrella to protect the skin from all those environmental nastiest. Ingredients also include a healthy dose of antibacterial ingredients to exfoliate the skin, purify the pores and treat acne.


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