“Tara W Kheit” organizes Ramadan Fashion Show

May 25, 2018
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“Tara W Kheit” organizes Ramadan Fashion Show

“Tara W Kheit” organization, in cooperation with “Safadi Foundation”, organized a fashion show entitled the “Ramadan Fashion Show”, which was hosted at “Safadi Cultural Center”.

The event was part of the project “Ramadan Fashion Line for Women”. The line was distinguished from the usual Ramadan clothing through the adoption of the Color Blocking technique, meaning the coordination of saturated and bright colors, such as pink, blue and yellow.

The fashion line, by Eric Matteo Ritter, was characterized by new and unconventional designs aimed at the young generation. The women of “Tara W Kheit” contributed in executing the line, and focused on the details, such as embroidery and ornaments.

The clothing items will be available for sale at the “Tara W Kheit” Atelier in Tripoli. The proceeds will be dedicated to improving the economic abilities of the women working at the Atelier, so that they can be able to support their families.


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