TEACH A CHILD holds Gala dinner to thank donors Organization looks to extend reach and boost number of children offered support

June 30, 2018
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TEACH A CHILD holds Gala dinner to thank donors Organization looks to extend reach and boost number of children offered support

TEACH A CHILD held its annual gala dinner on June 25, 2018 where more than 500 guests gathered in the delightful setting of the Sursock Palace Gardens to celebrate the year’s achievements. The occasion was also a chance for TEACH A CHILD to thank the loyal supporters of the organization’s cause and mission.

Its founding principles include a belief that every child has ‘The Right to a Brighter Future’ and that education plays a pivotal role in driving social and economic development.


Today 1,273 students from all Lebanese regions are enrolled in educational institutions because of TEACH A CHILD’s support. This support is comprehensive and covers costs including registration, books, stationery, uniforms as well as transportation fees. A total of 994 students are now in school, with a further 150 in high schools, 84 at vocational institutions and 45 at university.

In addition to supporting students in schools, universities and vocational institutions, TEACH A CHILD campaigns for the full implementation of compulsory education legislation and strives to improve school premises and facilities. Estimates suggest that the annual cost of educating a child is approximately $400.


Zeina El Khalil, TEACH A CHILD’s president, said, “We are incredibly proud of our achievements so far and look forward to the next chapter of Teach a Child’s journey. With the help of our supporters, underprivileged children can learn, develop and look forward to a better tomorrow.”


Maya Es-Said, TEACH A CHILD’s executive board member added that new contributions would help the organization meet the growing need for education support encountered all over Lebanon.

“With a high school certificate, a vocational school diploma or a university degree, members of the next generation are much better prepared for tomorrow’s challenges,” she said. “None of our work would be possible without the generous donations of our supporters, which are undoubtedly changing lives beyond recognition.”





TEACH A CHILD is a non-profit organization established in 2011 by a group of volunteers sharing one goal: Education. Today, the NGO comprises 23 active members who all dedicate their time and expertise to promote this common cause. TEACH A CHILD identifies disadvantaged children by connecting with governmental bodies such as the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, community stakeholders, mayors, community activists, as well as other NGOs. TEACH A CHILD acts to ensure that underprivileged children are enrolled in schools and covers all expenses related to their education including registration, imposed parents’ committee fees, books, stationery, uniforms and transportation.

Strongly believing that no child should be left at the risk of illiteracy, TEACH A CHILD’s goals are to: Educate every deprived child in Lebanon, maintain the support for our current students, expand funding to increase the support for university and vocational education & advocate for compulsory education in Lebanon.


Sponsors, Partners, and Contributors


Platinum Sponsors: BLOM, Qatar Coral, PEPSI, Amana Capital, Emirates Lebanon Bank

Gold Sponsors: Arab Wings, Sabis, Saad Holding, BOB, Kempinski, Naiman, MAK Holding

Silver Sponsors: Cumberland, JouéClub-ELC, TAJ – Crown Mills, Dar Al-Handasah




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