Three Easy Tips and Tricks for Maximizing the Cool Factor in Your Home This Summer

September 7, 2018
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Three Easy Tips and Tricks for Maximizing the Cool Factor in Your Home This Summer

We know that summer in the Middle East can be a scorcher, so our need to have the air conditioning on throughout the day and night becomes imperative. Due to the constant need to live inside a closed environment, we also face AC issues, such as increased circulation of dust particles resulting in allergies and the feeling of cold air on our skin. This is not the case with Samsung’s Wind-Free™ AC. Here we examine three ways that you can keep your home cool, healthy and environmentally friendly with Samsung’s newest home air conditioning unit.


Your Air Conditioner Can Make the Air in Your Home Healthier

Dust and humidity play a big role in your family’s health – just a gram of fine dust can cause havoc with your respiratory system resulting in allergies. To combat this, in a region where air conditioning is not sometimes a choice, but a necessity, Samsung has introduced Wind-Free, its latest line up of air conditioners. Wind-Free™ AC comes with an easy-to-clean PM2.5 filter that completely filters all the air coming in capturing 99% ultrafine dust, dangerous contaminants and allergens in 100 minutes. It also comes with Samsung’s Virus Doctor technology to reduce bacteria and viruses by up to 99%, meaning that you can improve your family’s health by investing in an air conditioning unit that lasts.


Reduce Your Costs and Environmental Footprint with Wind-Free™ AC

Running your air conditioner nonstop for the entire duration of the summer can end up costing you more than what it’s worth – especially if your AC is old and outdated. In the sweltering summer months, you won’t want to skimp on comfort in favor of cost; and with the new Wind-Free™ AC from Samsung, you won’t have to. It’s no surprise that energy efficiency is synonymous with cost efficiency, which is why the Wind-Free™ AC was designed to reduce energy consumption by up to 72 percent. It does this using a two-step cooling system which first lowers temperatures in “Fast Cooling Mode”, then automatically switches to “Wind-Free™ Cooling Mode” to maintain the desired temperature by gently dispersing cold air through 21,000 micro air holes. The result is an AC that eliminates the uncomfortable feeling of direct cold air while dramatically cutting down on energy use, in turn helping you spend less on electricity.

Feel Cool, Not the Cold Air

No one likes to sit in the direct path of the flow of air conditioned air. Not only can it be cold and uncomfortable, if you’re coming from very hot conditions, it can also cause mild colds. With Samsung’s Wind-Free™ AC, now you don’t have to worry about having cold air blowing directly on you. Inspired by the way that speakers are designed, Wind-Free™ features 21,000 micro air holes that help reach the desired temperature with Fast Cooling mode, and thereafter maintaining the ideal temperature without any direct wind by gently dispersing cool and still air through micro air holes for a natural cooling effect through Wind-Free™ technology. What’s more, the Wind-Free™ AC is also WiFi enabled, meaning you can manage and monitor it from anywhere through Samsung’s Smart Home app. So, rather than leaving the AC on all day and using unnecessary energy when nobody’s home, you can turn it on remotely as you’re leaving work and arrive to a perfectly cool and comfortable home.





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