Tiffany launches Eau De Parfum

November 25, 2017
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Tiffany launches Eau De Parfum

Tiffany & Co., the world’s premier jeweler and America’s house of design, has been at the forefront of contemporary culture since its inception. Founded in New York in 1837 by Charles Lewis Tiffany, the small fine goods store became an instant hit with socialites, magnates and heads of state for its definitive style, superior quality and innovative yet timeless designs. Tiffany’s passion for diamonds led him to purchase The Tiffany Diamond, a rare and brilliant 128.54-carat yellow diamond, discovered in 1877. This was followed by the acquisition of nearly a third of the French Crown Jewels in 1887. Together, these acquisitions earned Tiffany the moniker “The King of Diamonds,” and established a tradition of excellence that remains relevant to this day. Through its storied 180-year history, Tiffany & Co. has consistently endeavored to move design forward, much to the delight of its fans. Today, Tiffany is worn by celebrities and tastemakers the world over, and its famous Blue Box is an instantly recognizable symbol of style, sophistication and innovation.

The Inspiration


Welcome to the next chapter of Tiffany & Co. — bold, provocative and completely unexpected, an iconic identity stripped to its core in a powerfully modern way. In the spirit of keeping Tiffany close, the new artisanal fragrance unleashes the essence of the brand in all of its purity—just bare skin, a scent, a touch of jewelry and one iconic color. This is an exercise in modern perfumery, transforming nature by carefully taking from it precisely those notes we’re interested in and composing a powerful new essence.


The Fragrance


Tiffany & Co. introduces its new signature fragrance—a bold scent created by world-renowned master perfumer Daniela Andrier of Givaudan. The sparkling floral musk is a contemporary take on the most precious ingredients of traditional haute perfumery. The scent opens with vibrant top notes of vert de mandarine. At the heart, a precious iris flower is the hero ingredient. Tiffany’s association with the iris dates back to the earliest sketches in the Tiffany Archive and is deeply entwined in the DNA of the house. It was an iris brooch set with demantoid garnet blossoms and Montana sapphires that earned Tiffany the grand prize at the Paris Exposition in 1900. Harvested in France during the months of July and August, the iris butter is obtained through a unique hydro-distillation extraction, exclusive to the Tiffany fragrance, ensuring a pure, bright, sensual and long-lasting richness to the final note. This signature ingredient adds strength, femininity and grounds the composition with refinement and sophistication. Patchouli base notes wrapped in a blend of soothing musks is sensual on the skin. The final structure is both unexpected and timeless—scent in its most elemental form.


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