Tips & Tricks To Make Your Legs Look Ah-mazing!

April 26, 2018
5 minutes read

Admit it girls – one of the best things about this season is that we get to wear cute dresses. And the reason why we love our wardrobe so much is because we get to flaunt our super smooth and amazing legs. We all want to have envious looking legs, but somehow fail to attain them. Don’t worry ladies, because these Tips & Tricks will make your legs look Ah-mazing!


  1. Stretch out that Salon spray tan

It’s amazing how awesome your legs can look with a little bit of fake tan and a lot of shimmer. If you’re planning to attend an evening party then all you need is a little bit of bronzer brushed all over your legs. Just remember to pick a product that is sweat-proof!

2.      Makeup to the rescue, always!

Leg contouring (Yes, you heard us right!) We know all the tricks to contouring our face to perfection but apparently, leg contouring is a thing these days. Sculpt your legs to perfection with contouring and look like a diva taking those pictures on the beach!


3.      Shave your legs for a smooth finish

We all know how painful waxing sessions are and how chemicals in the cream can be harsh for our skin! Which is why we suggest you should use Venus Breeze. It not only gives a smooth shave but also leaves your legs looking amazing. It’s a 2-in-1 razor that has flexible, lubricating moisture gel bars that negate the need for a soap, gel or prepping agent. This razor also loves curves and fits easily into hard to shave areas.


4.      Exfoliate regularly

Use a loofah or an exfoliating cream on your legs to scrub off the dead skin. This reduces the chances of you getting ingrown hair and makes your legs super smooth. Once you get into the habit of exfoliating regularly, you will realize it gives them the creamy smoothness you always craved.


5.      Don’t forget to Moisturize before you sleep

This is especially useful for girls who have dry skin. Take a generous amount of moisturiser on your hands and rub your legs, gently massaging the driest areas (like the knees.) Repeat this every night before you sleep for luscious looking skin. Also give yourself a good oil massage for half an hour over the weekend. Don’t forget to give a little extra care to your heels!


6.      Turn down the water Temperature

Avoid hot water! A lot of girls feel that using hot water while shaving is a good way to treat the pores but it actually dries out your skin. Cooler or lukewarm showers can keep skin hydrated and help hair stay strong and shiny. If your skin appears red following your bath or shower, your water is too hot.


7.      Always wear sunscreen

Let’s face it girls, we pay extra attention to our face and sometimes tend to ignore the rest of our body. It’s time to make sure that we never step out of the house without sunscreen. This is not just for awesome looking legs but for our entire body overall. Sun damages are the worst and we need to take extra care if we want envious looking skin!


8.      Create a relaxing spa!

For super soft feet, make sure you soak them in warm water for 15 minutes. Do this over a weekend when you have time and space to relax. Apply olive oil or petroleum jelly after you’re done soaking them. Pay extra attention to your heels and toes, if you want to flaunt your pretty feet!



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